Sony announced strategic investment of $250 million in Epic Games.

Sony announced that it has made a strategic investment of about $250 million to acquire a minority interest in Epic Games, creator of the most popular video game Fortnite.

The investment empowers Sony and Epic to expand their cooperation with Sony’s portfolio of amusement resources and technologies. And Epic’s social entertainment system and electronic ecosystem to create exceptional experiences for customers and creators.

“Epic’s powerful technology in areas like images places them in the forefront of sport engine development using Unreal Engine along with other inventions. There’s no greater illustration of this than the innovative amusement encounter, Fortnite,” Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO Sony stated in a statement.

The firms noted that they have “an already close relationship and the investment permit them to “expand their cooperation.”

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Tim Sweeney, CEO Epic said both Sony and Epic have established companies in the forefront of imagination and technology. Plus they discuss a vision of real time 3D societal experiences. Which will cause some convergence of gambling, movie, and audio.

Epic works Fortnite, the world’s biggest game with over 350 million balances and 2.5 billion buddy relations.

Epic also grows Unreal Engine, which suggests that the entire world’s major games and has been embraced across sectors like television and film, design, automotive, and production for simulation and visualization.

Meanwhile, the Sony is set to start its own next-generation console PlayStation 5 after this year, with names such as Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” along with Rockstar Games” “Grand Theft Auto V.”

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