Starbucks joins over 100 brands in suspends ads on Facebook

American coffee giant Starbucks has declared to pull advertisements from Facebook and other social networking platforms, linking giants such as Coca-Cola, Honda, Unilever, Verizon, Hersheys and many others that have resolved to boycott advertisements on Facebook because of its inaction over spread of hate language and disinformation.

“We think more should be done in order to produce welcoming and thriving online communities, and we think both industry leaders and policy makers will need to come together to influence real change,” the firm said in an announcement on Sunday.

“We shall pause promotion on all social networking platforms while we keep talks , together with our networking partners and also with civil rights agencies in the attempt to block the spread of hate speech,” it added.

The social media produces about 98 percent of its $70 billion yearly revenue from advertisements.

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Verizon joins growing boycott, suspends the advertising on Facebook over hateful content.

Alarmed at the pace at which advertisers have been pull from its stage, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday declared the social media will place warning labels on all articles that violate its principles but are still deemed newsworthy.

Zucekrberg stated they will start labeling a number of the articles people leave up since it’s deemed newsworthy, so people are able to understand when this is how it is.

“Even when a politician or government official states it, should we decide that articles can result in violence or deprive individuals of the right to vote we will take that down content,” Zuckerberg said that there aren’t any exceptions to “politicians at some of those coverages I’m announcing here now”.

Facebook’s choice today opens the doorway to tag controversial articles by US President Donald Trump.

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Twitter has flagged few his contentious tweets while Facebook is facing widespread criticism because of its inaction within Trump articles that interrupts violence in the wake of the passing of African American George Floyd.

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