Tobacco Farmers Blocked Chennai-Kolkata Highway

Lockdown-hit tobacco farmers stalled e-auctions in D.C.Palli. The farmers Protest from the lacklustre e-auctions, which declared simply on May 17 after staying closed because March 23 coinciding with all the overburdened lockdown.

Even the ryots had heated discussions with the police that he had a tough period in allowing the farmers to raise the stir and revive vehicular traffic to the expressway.

Approximately a thousand kilogram of tobacco was promoted accordingly much by ryots from D.C.Palli according to the stimated creation of more than 7 million kilogram.

They’d be forced to pay for a reduction of roughly Rs. 3 lakh each Tobacco barn in the aftermath of a drop of Rs.20 to Rs.30 per kg of tobacco for a variety of grades past week, ” he said while advocating the YSR Congress Party Government from the State to carry up the issue with the Centre and make sure that they obtained an average cost of Rs.150 per kg of tobacco.

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Farmers encouraged the Union and State Government to instantly Intervene and make sure market buoyancy. Tobacco Farmers Welfare Association president at D.C.Palli Gali Narasappa Naidu said national cigarette makers resigned the costs while exporters kept from the marketplace about the pretext of absence of orders from international buyers.

Smokers also paying the Price of Lockdown.

Majorly consumed cigarettes brands, which used to cost Rs 17 earlier for a single stick, are now being sold at a price anywhere between Rs 20 to 25 in and around Delhi-NCR. It is mostly being sold from the old stock of shopkeepers and the price is going to get high as the existing stock nears exhaustion.

In Hyderabad and surrounding areas the highest selling cigarette now costs Rs 25 per piece against Rs 17 earlier. Brands which sold cigarettes at lower prices are now being sold for double their asking price.

With scarcity of cigarettes, prices in Bengaluru have gone up manifold, from Rs 16 a stick to anywhere between Rs 30 and Rs 40.

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In Kolkata, a pack of cigarette that would previously cost Rs 330 is now being sold for Rs 430 and a pack that would cost Rs 300 is now being sold at Rs 400. In Chennai, cigarettes are being sold by some grocery shops at an extra cost of Rs 5 to 10 per stick.

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