The whole world has suffered from a deadly pandemic in the past year, it hasn’t entirely stopped businesses. Many businesses, especially in the tech field, have continued to adopt innovations and grow as a business. In this article, we look at the top 20 companies in the tech space in 2021.

Here is the list of Top 20 Technology Companies in 2021:


Apple is currently the biggest and most valuable technology company in the world. Their market cap value is about $2.169 trillion and has an annual revenue of about $274 billion.

Until 2019, it was considered the world’s most valuable company before being overtaken by Suadi Aramco. They are currently second in the world and the number one in tech.

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Microsoft has a $1.6 trillion market capitalization value. According to an article on the buy dissertation platform, it is one of the world’s most expensive brands. It was founded by Bill Gates & Paul Allen in 1975 and currently makes $143 in revenue every year.


Top 20 technology companies in 2021.

Amazon currently has current annual revenue of $280.5bn and boasts of having the highest number of employees in the technology industry. Its stocks are also one of the most expensive in the world. One amazon share is currently worth over $3000.


Alphabet currently rakes up revenue of $161 annually and employs over 100,000 people. Anyone who uses the internet most definitely has heard of Google, but many don’t know that the international internet giant changed the company’s official name to Alphabet Inc.

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This Chinese venture company was built in 1998 and is currently one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. The most popular games from this company are Fortnite, Arena of Valor, and League of Legends.


Facebook remains a fast-growing business and one of the world’s most expensive brands. This social media company was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and currently has a $764 billion market value.

Alibaba Group:

Top 20 technology companies in 2021.

This trading platform from China remains one of the world’s biggest virtual trading platforms getting the attention of buyers as it offers a wide product range at very affordable prices.

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company:

This is the largest semiconductor and circuit manufacturing company in the world. They produce many of the products used in consumer electronics, communication, computer, industrial equipment, and automotive industries.


Nvidia is a graphic processor manufacturing company and one of the biggest worldwide. They provide the fastest GPUs for mobile devices, PCs, workstations, game consoles, etc.


Although they are largely regarded as producers of consumer electronics (and are a very big one), they are a vast conglomerate present in different industries such as life insurance, aircraft, and shipbuilding, etc.

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This fintech startup was built for business payments and offers a different alternative to bank visits, wire transfers, and cheque payments. This Toronto-based startup allows a business to make fast payments across Canada and more than 150 other countries.


This company associate with more than 600 media brands for engagement, conversion, and monetizing their digital audience. They have one of the best solutions for engagement content moderation.


This company has grown from being a small startup into a market leader. They built an innovative cloud-based technology to improve senior care and impact people’s lives.

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Local Logic:

Top 20 technology companies in 2021.

This location intelligence platform does the work of quantifying different locations and their “sense of place.” It has more than 200 billion data points and offers predictive analytics to make real estate decisions in built environments.


This equity investment portal helps connect small businesses and early-stage companies to the capital from crowd contributions needed for growth.


This is a startup providing gifting solutions. This Toronto-based startup reveals the future of the event and virtual corporate gifting.

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This tech company provides solutions for individual service professionals for digitizing their business. The goal is to become the Shopify of professional services.


This SaaS PropTech Platform streamlines the rental process for real estate with the use of AI. They automate and simplify the workflow to make it more enjoyable to search and spend little time.


They are the largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace globally to reduce unnecessary consumerism and allow people to make extra cash from the items they own.

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This is an online coach created for remote teams. They have a digital tools suite to empower leaders to develop connection and alignment, evolving company culture, and building effective and productive remote teams.


Technology is currently one of the most influential industries as it has massive effects on the economy, drives changes, and sets trends. This article contains a list of some of the top tech companies in the world right now.

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