iPhone users rely on their devices to carry out different tasks. These tasks include communication, financial transactions, personal notes, data capture, and so on. In the process, this smartphone accumulates a lot of data about you.

Imagine a situation where this data gets leaked and falls into the hands of hackers. It is normal for iPhone users to assume data contained on their devices are safe. However, this false sense of security could lead users to weaken cybersecurity levels.

In 2019, statistics showed 900 million people use iPhones around the globe. That translates to almost a billion possible targets to hijack. Instances of Apple-related hacks have been publicized before with the 2014 iCloud breach making headlines. Several celebrities had compromised photos posted online because of this incident.

In essence, using an iPhone doesn’t protect you from the risks plaguing cyberspace. Below, you’ll find the best steps for bettering your iPhone’s security.

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Increasing your iPhone’s Cybersecurity Level.

Occasionally Install New iOS Updates

You need to make certain your iOS software is up to date. Even if the update isn’t a major one, install it as quickly as possible.

As great as Apple iPhone’s code is, hackers always find ways to spot loopholes. Once this happens, the possibility of your iPhone getting hacked increases. The best way to stop hackers from gaining access via the susceptibilities is to update your operating system.

Every new update comes with improved security by Apple’s tech team. To update your device’s iOS, head over to ‘General’ under Settings and select ‘Software Update’.

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Switch on ‘Find my iPhone’

This tip is designed to keep your data away from hackers that can attack you physically. If your phone gets stolen or lost, a cybercriminal could access the data on it.

Find my iPhone is a tool that protects your data in case you lose your device. With it, you can delete every bit of data on your iPhone remotely. All you’d need is to access your iCloud account and start the process.

Use a VPN for Network Cybersecurity

A lot of iPhone users are mobile data-conscious. When you’re in a public area, you might decide to connect to public Wi-Fi to save data.

Free Wi-Fi can be very unsafe. You’d have absolutely no idea if a hacker was connected to the network and spied on the activity of every user using the Wi-Fi. When you use a VPN to protect your iPhone, your data becomes encrypted.

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By using a VPN you are allowed to connect to your companies’ online workplace safely. Your anonymity online is greatly increased since the VPN masks your real IP address making it hard for any snooping eyes to look into your information online. The benefits of VPN usage are numerous!


iPhone users, just like Android users are at risk of getting hacked. You can get attacked in many ways just for your data. To protect your iPhone, use the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, get a VPN, and frequently install new iOS updates.

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