Trump says US terminating relationship with WHO

The world deserves replies,” the president said about WHO and Chinese officials’ actions once the Covid-19 virus went people then millions across the world.

The World Health Organization to mislead the world” about the virus. China’s Cover from the Wuhan virus enabled the disease to spread around the entire world,” he explained.

Trump Said he was imposing sanctions against China for cheating from the Corona epidemic situation and atrocities and also for end ties.

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Trump Told me he also went to prohibit investigators studying in the united states. These individuals are a threat to America’s safety. With this, they are also likely to take action on those Chinese companies listed on the US Stock Exchange that are not after US legislation.

The US is also going to draw the special status given to Hong Kong in the sphere of commerce and tourism. For allowing China to play American interests, trump criticized his erstwhile principles. He explained that I will not permit this.

But, Democratic and Republican Party leaders have contributed a comment to the constraints imposed by Trump on China. Trump during this period did not say anything about the ongoing tension between India and China.

Trump said he is terminating the US relationship with the WHO because they have refused to make changes his administration has requested, and will be redirecting funds now dedicated to the WHO elsewhere.

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America Is crossed the sign of one deaths toll and rising. Over 40 million have filed for unemployment.

Trump had recently banned financing to WHO, accusing the Corona virus catastrophe of behaving irresponsibly. Trump said the ban could continue until the function of the WHO in Trump stated that US taxpayers pay $ 40–500 million annually to WHO, while China pays less or roughly $40 million annually. Trump had put the WHO in the dock In his duty in the outbreak of Corona.

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