Twitter is bringing back the user verification system

Twitter is currently working on a brand new system for verifying users, as shown by a tweet by inverse engineer and internet sleuth Jane Manchun Wong. She found a”request confirmation” area in the Twitter program in the”private information” part of the program’s settings.

So it is not apparent exactly what the procedure may entail or when confirmation may be reopened by Twitter to users.

Twitter utilized to bring a blue check beside the titles of account it had confirmed as authentic, which was”of interest” Though Twitter said that a badge didn’t imply an official endorsement from the company, it has confessed that there was some confusion over the function of the badge and also what it signifies.

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Twitter stated in 2018, it did not have the bandwidth to keep work on the confirmation system and rather shifted attention to election integrity. It tried to confirm candidates on elected officials and ballots but with mixed results. And Twitter began awarding public health officials checks to provide credibility about COVID-19 for their own tweets.

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