US again blacklisted 11 more Chinese company

US blacklisted 11 chinese company. The US Commerce Department reported that these companies greatly exploit Uygar Muslims to be able to produce their merchandise.

A number of these are textile firms while two companies have tested their products on Uigars. These blacklisted companies no longer have the ability to buy any parts without the consent of the US government.

This is the third time the US has blacklisted Chinese. companies. At the initial two rounds, the Trump government has taken action on 37 Chinese companies. These companies are also accused of exploiting the Eugars at Xinjiang Province.

Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross said that China isn’t just forcibly laboring its taxpayers, but is also conducting physical tests on them. The Chinese Embassy in Washington hasn’t yet responded to this US activity.

The companies that Have been blacklisted comprise KTK which Makes two or more million products necessary for the building of high speed rails.

There is yet an additional company Tanyuan Technology which manufactures electrical gear. Changji Esquel is a fabric company of this Isquel Group found in 2009.

Nonetheless, in April this business denied that it wasn’t forcibly using Uigars. There is also Haitian Haolin Hair Accessories, a company Included from the blacklist. On May 1, American Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said that the company that manufactures hair goods forcibly engaged together with the Uygars.

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