US says Chinese hackers stole COVID-19 research

US Justice Department said Chinese government Hackers targeted coronavirus vaccines developing firms and also stole the valuable research and trade secrets. The hackers researched vulnerabilities in the computer networks of biotech firms, and diagnostic companies that were developing vaccines, testing kits and researching antiviral drugs.

US already made trade sanctions on many Chinese companies. A Day before, US blacklisted 11 Chinese firms. These charges are the latest in the series of Trump’s administration action toward china.

US, Britan, Australia, Italy and almost whole western country blames china for COVID-19 outbreak.

The Chinese government hackers were identified as Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi. These hackers stole information not only for their personal benefits, but also stole valuable information of research and technology around the world for Chinese government.

Hacking of vaccine information slows down research as the institution must scramble not only to fix the breach but also to ensure the data it has accumulated has not been altered, Demers said.

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The charges had been introduced as Trump government officials, such as national security advisor Robert O’Brien along with Attorney General William Barr, also have sent public warnings regarding what they say would be Chinese government attempts to utilize hacking to steal trade secrets for Beijing’s fiscal advantage and to secretly affect American policy.

The hacking a part of the Assistant Attorney General John Demers, ” the Justice Department’s top national security officer, called a sweeping attempt to “rob, copy and replace” approach for technological improvement.

Additionally, he explained, “China is currently supplying a safe haven for hackers that, as in this situation, are hacking part to their personal profit but prepared to aid the nation.

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