US: Trump imposes visa restrictions on Chinese officials.

US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio said during the press conference that he is announcing the arrangement of President Donald Trump. He explained, “I am declaring a visa ban to the current and former officials of the CCP, which is responsible for decreasing the larger independence of Hong Kong, which has been ensured in the Sino-UK joint manifesto at 1984.”

Visa restrictions may also cover their family members. This action has been removed from Hong Kong’s breach of freedom, fundamental liberty and human rights.

Ponpio stated, ‘President Trump promised to punish the CCP office bearers accountable for ending Hong Kong independence. Nowadays, we’re taking action in the identical direction. The CCP has tried to cut back its freedom by awarding China the right to monitor Hong Kong’s administrative strategy, accusing a member of its Legislative Council of misconduct and arbitrarily imposing federal security legislation on it.

Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State stated that China had promised to respect Hong Kong’s wider liberty in a joint declaration with Britain, but has been steadily decreasing it by its actions.

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China can be violating human rights and basic freedoms in Hong Kong by pressurizing the local administration to detain fans of politics and disqualifying pro-democracy candidates.

Ponpio said, ‘My message now is that we have to work together to continue the awareness on each side of the Antalatic against China’s challenged. It won’t be easy.’ Ponpio said, ‘Our business community that produces money from China says that we need to reduce strain and accept the increasingly aggressive CCP. We cannot accept this argument. There can be no compromise between liberty and totalitarianism.

Before during his virtual address in the Brussels Forum -2020, Ponpio has stated that China is posing a hazard in the South China Sea as well as increasing strain on the border with India.

To deal with this threat, his country is diminishing its forces in Europe and hammering it elsewhere. In addition, he rejected the argument which escalating tensions with China ought to be mitigated and approved that the increasingly competitive Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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