What are the Components of Database System Environment?

The database system consists of many components. It defines and regulates the collection, storage, management and use of data within a database environment. The components of database system are hardware, software, procedures, people and data. The hardware includes the following:

The software includes:

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The people includes:

  • System administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Database designer
  • Programmer
  • Analyst
  • End users

The data includes:

  • Databases
  • Business rules
  • Controls

The database provides the information to meet the operational need as well as future planning for any organization. This should all be done within the framework of organizational procedures and policies.

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Procedures are the business rules and instructions that govern the design and use of the database systems, enforce the standards, monitor and audit the data that reside in the databases and regulate the information that is generated from the stored data.

Finally, the data, which is vital to the health of the organization, plays critical role in the design of the database.

The existence of the database system depends on organizational structure and requirements at each level. The complexity depends on the size of the organization and its functions and corporate culture.

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