What are the critique of mass society theory?

Critique to the Mass Society Theory: 

Since the mass society theory could not include the wide variety of mass media effects in its gamut it was discarded. Major critiques against mass society theory are given below:

  • The media also had good effects on the masses. True, there were bad effects too, but how could it be singled out as the culprit when all the theories are unable to account for the wide variety of mass media effects?
  • Some audiences resist media manipulation. There are forces that operate at the levels of subculture, class, group, or locality. These forces oppose media influences. The mass society theory was modified in the wake of these facts. The masses can also oppose media This theory does not support the notion that the masses can also oppose or resist the media and the changes effected by them (the media).
  • Not all average people were mindlessly influenced by the mas media. They interpret media content according to their personal beliefs and notions. Hence, it is not appropriate to censure the theory’s negative aspects in a blunt manner.
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