The main aim of the social work is to restore vision and prevention. Social work restores the impaired social. functioning by curative and rehabilitative aspects, where curative aspects deals in eliminating the responsible factors of impairing the society that means disturbed interpersonal relationship is corrected removing factors creating problem.

The individuals are helped in adjusting new situation after removing the problem which is rehabilitation. When we recommend a hearing aid to a patient it is a curative measure. The provision of resources helps in two ways one by educating and two by development for better effectiveness of the resources.

For example, in a joint family with a few difference of opinion two brothers are living but not planning to shift out of the house, with the help of family counseling their relationship can be improved.

This is educational process (education given to family). When we discover the problem in early stage and try to control or eliminate the situation that might negatively affect the society is called social functioning. Premarital counseling is the best example for this.

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