What are the Special Features of Service Industry?

The special features of service industries are as follows:

Intangibility of Products:

It is the service` which provide value to the customer minus a physical product. It may lack in clarity of the tasks and thus erosion of self-confidence takes place. Therefore HRD needs to create appreciation of client needs, and pride it the industry to reach those goals.

High Public Exposure:

The service industry is very much exposed to the clientele. Even if the industry is not capable of directly promoting its products, this work is very well done by the clients themselves.

Size Constraints:

To have the right effectiveness of the industry it is required that it is not perceived as a huge, slow, monolith, in the face of which the customer is anonymous and small.

Back-room Technology:

Services are the back bone of any organization. But it is required that the concepts should be clear to the customers with the least efforts by them. They need not understand the technological part of it. For example, air travel should be made easy, even if behind this the difficult procedure of aeronautics exist.

Specialized Knowledge:

The knowledge valuable to the employer’s competitiveness in the market place and is often used by the employer as a differentiator from the employer’s competitors. This knowledge. which is specific to the processes of the employer, can only be gained through prior experience with that employer and cannot be easily transferred or taught to another individual.

Propensity for Disintegration:

There is a higher tendency of service industry to disintegrate. The rebel groups break away from the mother organization and form new ones. Thus it is required that HRD should help in more participation in planning and controlling the projects. And effort should be make in having a close knit family atmosphere in any organization.

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