What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Postal Service?

Advantages of Postal Service:

  1.  Assured and speedy delivery of goods is possible with the help of speed post service.
  2. Addressee receives the parcels at his doorstep. He doesn’t have to travel too far in search of his parcels.
  3. Such a convenient mode of transport can be used when quantity is small and volume is low.
  4. Parcels can be easily dispatched because post offices are located mostly near market places.
  5. Parcel may be sent under VPP and amount due from the consignee can be realized by the sender through the post office.

Disadvantages of Postal Service:

  1. It is more expensive to send large quantities of goods by parcel post.
  2. It is not possible to send heavy and bulky goods by parcel post because the maximum weight of a parcel permitted is 20 kg. Packages should just be one meter long.
  3. Speed post service is said to be very expensive and one cannot find it everywhere. It is available at selected places only.


  1. Postal service should be used by only sending small quantities urgently.
  2. In order to carry heavy and bulky goods, speed post should not be preferred as it is very expensive.
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