What are the Essential Features of a Good Transport System?

A good transport system should help in transporting goods and should have the following features:

Economical: A good transport system should be economical i.e. the cost of transport service should not be high so that the users can carry their products at lowest possible charge. This in turn will help the consumers fetch goods at cheaper and reasonable price.

Delivery of goods: Goods should be delivered at convenient locations so that the receiver of the goods do not face any problem.

Speed: A good transport system should have proper speed in order to carry goods from one place to another in less time. Goods should reach the destination on time except from natural calamities or unavoidable causes.

Availability: Transport service should be available regularly as and when the need arises and it must provide safety of the goods.

Insurance: It should provide for insuring the risks of loss or damage to goods in transit and assure payment of due compensation in case of delay causing loss to the owner of goods.

Arrangements: Goods should be loaded and unloaded promptly and at minimum cost by providing proper arrangements by a good transport system.

Efficiency: A good transport system should be operated by efficient and properly skilled people so that they can handle the problems in emergency, if any.

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