What do you mean by emotional determinants of personality development?

Emotional Determinants.

Emotions are a very important determinant of personality. Emotional factors have a huge bearing on a person’s personal and social adjustment. There are many aspects of emotions like dominant emotions, emotional balance, emotional deprivation, excessive love and affection, emotional expressions, emotional catharsis and emotional stress which affect the development of personality directly and indirectly.

Different people are ruled by different predominant emotions in them. It is seen that some people, by nature are happy and cheerful people, while some are forever gloomy and fearsome. These emotions are predominant in them. The happy people will be hopeful even when they face serious, problems while the sad people will feel depressed or fearful even during celebrations or happy moments.

Thus, the ruling emotion in a person determines how he behaves or feels in different situations. Emotionalllv balanced people (whose pleasant emotions are more than the unpleasant ones) are able to adjust well socially and personally.

If a person experiences too many problems and obstacles in life, over time he will develop negative feelings like fear, anger, jealousy, etc. which will affect his adjustment process throughout life and develop pathological traits. If emotions like love, happiness and curiosity are not present in one’s life, it will again affect his adjustments in life.

The influence that the absence of the positive emotions in one’s life has depends on how long the person the person was deprived of the emotion, at what age and to what degree. if a child does not get love and affection, he will be emotionally insecure. Such children grow up to become rebellious adolescents and adults because of the strained relationship with their parents or other family members in early childhood.

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