What do you understand by ecological approach? How did Riggs develop his ideal model?

Ecology refers to the mutual relations collectively between organism and their environment factors such as people, situation, scientific technology, social technology, wishes and ideas catastrophe an personality relates Governments functions to the environmental organizations, structures, procedures, goals are largely created and changed as a result of the interaction between an organization and its environment.

Thus, if an organization is to survive it must adopt itself to the changing needs and conditions of its external environment which is continuously changing. Fred. Riggs is one of the foremost exponent of the ecological approach in Public Administration.

Riggs develops his ideal model ecological approach upon the structural functional approach that has gained considerable currency in political science in recent times. According to this all societies perform an array of functions such as administrative, religious, economic and so on. Societies usually have a variety of structures that perform different functions.

As society grows and develops, more and more specialized structure appear, each one of which becomes engaged in specific functions. So differentiation of structure may be looked at as the essence of development.

Using an analogy, Riggs pictures the process of differentiation as sunlight passing through a thunderstorm and appearing as a rainbow. Thus he develops his ideal models of fused, diffracted and prismatic.

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