What is the Profiling of Tourists in Tourism?

In layman’s language profiling of tourists means gather complete information about the tourist for example information related to his country, culture, language, food habits preferences its in order to better understand the person or make his/her stay more comfortable, it is particularly essential for the foreigner tourists.

The sustained growth of tourism industry involves product development according to market needs. And the basic requirement in this regard is to understand the distinctive features of consumers and their preferences.

Thus it is important in the context of tourism to establish effective communication with potential visitors for attracting them to the destination and this can be achieved if specific segments of the tourists are identified, their preferences and needs, effective communication means to reach them and to know the geographical areas of their concentration.

Therefore the statistical analysis of these factors in relation to any destination is known as profiling of tourists.” The tourist profile also facilitates improvements in

  • Planning and deciding on development priorities.
  • Marketing strategies of tourism products, and
  • Services.
  • It is also helpful for understanding guest-host relationships and tourism impacts.

The specific characteristics usually analyzed in profiling of tourists include the following Their place of residence,

  • Age and sex,
  • Educational status and occupation,
  • Economic activity status,
  • Purpose and frequency of visit, and
  • Factors influencing the choice of destination.
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