What does mean by the Colonial State?


Colonialism was the mechanism by which the metropolitan capitalist class controls and exploits the colony. Actually colonial states were the integral part of mother country and served the interest of colonizers as a whole. Every indigenous class of colonies was suffered by domination. However, upper class of colonial state were in oppose of colonizers because their interest was in conflict with colonialism. And it was not surprising that in most of cases upper classes such as big landlords led the anti-colonial movements in their countries for example in Poland and Egypt.

On the other, in semi-colonies indigenous upper classes were ruling elites and it was big structural difference between colonies and semi-colonies. Capitalist structure had different from colonial state because in colonialism metropolitan ruling elites controlled the whole part of society while in capitalist structure only economy was under the capitalist.

Colonial state secured the law and order as well as internal and external security of state. It tried to change the economic policies of colonial state which was against the interest of metropolitan state. They practiced divide and rule policy so that no one can unite and revolt against the colonizers. Colonizers also tried to change the social, economic, cultural, political and legal framework of the colony so that it always be, as a productive unit for metropolis.

But on the other it was very easy for the industrial bourgeoisie of the home country because there was an explicit and direct link between the colonial structure and the colonial state. Thus they were in the position to politicize the conflict found in the colonies. The domination over the colonies was external and was very far so that they made the policy in isolation without taking the consent of indigenous people.

Actually the concept of colonialism was based on coercion and exploitation rather than consent and leadership. But still they ruled under the rule of law, property relations, bureaucracy and constitutional space within which colonial discontent was to be contained.

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