What Everybody Ought To Know About Online Sales Tracking?

Online sales tracking is the process of documenting the lead interactions of your sales reps, right from the point of entry and throughout the processing funnel to ultimately become your desired customer.

This allows creating a visual idea of the lead conversions and find the pinpoints of your sales cycle. This also helps to understand the effectiveness of your current sales funnel.

The Defining Metrics of Online Sales Tracking

Knowing the lead funnel is only a part of the sales tracking tool. It also provides data on how the leads impact your business and revenue. A proper sales tracking app comes with these features:

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Ensure Client Meet with Geo-fencing System

The Geo-fencing system enables the sales reps to check in using the app during their field visits to confirm their presence on client premises. This is a rather precise way of field sales reporting than relying on employee memories or checking the odometer.

This way employee privacy remains intact and at the same time increases accountability.

Customer Data Management

Having a virtual customer database is remarkably essential for sales reps and team supervisors. It is a flexible platform that allows them to share customer-knowledge in real-time while working in the field, expose the data to analytics and resolve issues like customer identification.

With the sales tracking app, supervisors can also plan and schedule field sales reps routes to meet the business needs.

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Analysis of Activity and Sales Trends

Improving accountability is the key to assuring salesforce productivity. The online sales tracking tool enables supervisors to track visit history, enabling them to push the sales reps to complete assigned tasks on time.

The field sales tracking app also encourages the reps to maximize their effort and make a big impact on the overall business ROI. With the effective built-in module, supervisors are able to analyze the selling trends and distribute tasks among sales reps to meet the market need.

Accurate Measurement of Total Sales

Online sales tracking enables you to calculate sales numbers of various lead sources, giving you the scope to maximize the business. You can put more sales and marketing efforts on the channels that need it for a better outcome.

You can also measure sales numbers on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and show it to the management to give an idea of the business progress.

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Average Time of Customer Handling

This metric helps to figure how long it takes on average to deal with a single customer.

Generally, B2C businesses have a shorter sales cycle compared to B2B businesses. When you can figure out such valuable information, you can decide and set the optimal and feasible targets for your salesforce. You can also know which salesperson is bringing maximum revenue to your business.

Use the tool to monitor performance as well as to keep the morality up for your sales team.

Keeps You Updated with Product Inventory

Whether you manage to deliver product information on time or not can be the differentiating factor for making the deal.

The online sales tracking module gives you instant access to the product information and keeps you updated so that the deal does not miss out.

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The application gives a product roadmap that is flexible and easy to share between sales reps and supervisors, and the feature has proven to be highly beneficial for sales reps and their supervisors.

Online-based sales tracking tool helps enterprises to track salesforce activities, and find details on client visits, meeting times, and overall sales orders.

It helps increase accountability, improve employee engagement, and provides useful features to manage tasks, products, and the sales force.

Try out the cloud-based sales tracking application to get clear visibility into sales operations and boost their daily performance.

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