What is an advertising medium?

Advertising medium is defined as the method or means adopted with a view to communicate the message of an advertisement. Advertising through media proves to be useful and cheap as compared to personal selling. It even provides support to personal selling. With the coming up of large scale industries and modern methods of communication. advertising has become more important in order to draw the attention of a huge mass of people.

The work of the media is to communicate the sponsored message and also repeat it on a regular basis or when necessary. One can convey the information in a detailed form with the help of a particular medium. Medium helps to advertise the message to the target customers. Medium of advertising can be of various forms like newspapers which carry printed messages, radio which helps to broadcast and communicate ads to the listeners, posters, handbills, slides, outdoor display of goods etc.

Businessmen make use of media in order to draw the attention of potential buyers towards products and services. The reason for using medium of advertising is to promote sales. An important role is played by the media of advertising in the sale of goods and services. One can reach many more people, if one prefers to go for media of advertising and media that is used for local purposes are less expensive than personal selling.

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