What is Anomic Interest Group?

Anomic Interest Group

Anomy being understood a condition of lawlessness in which participants have no clear ideological rationale for the violation cf particular law. Thus, an anomic group consists of persons whose demands are not properly defined or articulated and arise as and when there is no organization for the defined or articulated and arise as and when there is no organization for the expression of their demands. Usually such groups came forward when the government in responsive to the demands and groups feel that none is voicing their demands in the elected bodies and that they have no other alternative but to adopt such techniques as those of street demonstrations e.g.

In India those who were against the use of Hindi in offices in Tamil Nadu, black painted all signboards etc. or at New Delhi several demonstrations are organized around Parliament House, when Parliament session is going on to voice their demands. Many demonstrators presented petitions and charter of demands to the speaker of the Lok Sabha and the chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

These anomie groups several times demonstrate against the excesses of bureaucrats and police men and force the government to either transfer or suspend them, set up judicial inquiries to find out the truth. Sometimes on account of these groups CBI and IB is asked to investigate the matters.

As the time is passing with that the techniques and methods of struggle followed by anomic groups like those of organizing demonstrations, hartals, bandhs, gheraos is becoming popular. it is because there is an increasing impression among the people that in India no demand is accepted unless and until the people go on strike or follow techniques of anomic groups.

But some times when anomic group struggle prolongs political parties jump in and try to control the situation. Since these groups are unorganized, therefore, suddenly a non-violent group becomes violent even on least provocation.

Such groups always propagate that their method of struggle is non-violent because in Indian situation violence for achieving any objective has no meaning but now idea of non violence is not very popular.

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