What is Augmented Reality?

The Idea of Augmented Reality would be to superimpose images, sound and other sensory improvement on a real-world surroundings in real time.

Among the greatest technology trends in the technology market. Augmented reality (AR) is a real-world experience environment that’s made by computer, and this may be seen as 3D pictures. In other hand, it’s a program or software that can produce a more real-virtual 3d picture of this item with real time and precise interface.

This technology is currently accessible Smartphone’s and other Devices which made it widely available.

Lately, Google the search giant was implemented AR Attributes to his a number of the search results. Instance for Google search: When you search “dinosaurs” on android phone or iPhone, then some Jurassic World picture 3D dinosaurs are displayed, and your phone supports the Augmented reality (AR) and then you can convert it to real world.

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Google SkyMap is just another famous AR program. It Overlays information about constellations, planets and much more than you point the Camera of your Smartphone or tablet computer toward the skies. IKEA is just another Program that allows you to visualize new furniture in your home. This program will Offer an overlay of the space.

The difference between Virtual reality and Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR): A demo AR layers items on the real world is observed with Augmented reality matches. “Whereas” in virtual Reality (VR) the nearby environment is completely virtual.

In virtual Reality (VR), the users perception of the reality is wholly based on virtual info. In Augmented reality (AR) that the consumer is supplied with additional computer generated information that enhances their understanding of reality.

For example, VR can help a car designer to generate an overview of the Interior of a brand-new car; and AR can be used to show a construction’s structures and systems of a new car imposed on a real life perspective.

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