What is Database Life Cycle (DBLC)?

Database Life Cycle

The database too must be subject to constant evaluation, which is known as database life cycle (DBLC). Database manages data and information. Here we distinguish raw data from processed data  information. Database is a repository of business data (transactions data and reference data), which is the result of a carefully designed database constructs. We design the database as a part of the information system design. Usually, the information system design addresses the aspect of data collection, validation and storage of the data.

The information system then retrieves the data for processing and for the transformation of data into useful information. Database development is a process of designing a database and implementation. The primary objective of database design is to create complete, normalized, non -redundant, and fully integrated conceptual, logical, and physical database models. Database design is a process. It consists of several stages (Figure): database study, design, implementation, testing, evaluation, maintenance, and evolution.

Database Life Cycle

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