What is Folk Media? Mention some of the Folk Media characteristics.


The word ‘FOLK’ has been derived from a German word ‘YOLKS’ which means the people. Folk Media is media of the people. Though closely linked, both folk media and folklore are very different from each other. Folklore include formats like legends, folk tales, jokes, proverbs, riddles, chants, costumes, dances, drama, songs, folk medicines and writing on the walls.

On the other hand, folk media is the different means of communications available to rural and tribal people. Folk media is also known by various names like traditional media, indigenous communication system, alternative media, group media and low cost media etc.

Various characteristics of folk media.

  • The entire cultural group participates in the activities.
  • Folk media operates with materials that are available locally and in quantity that is needed by them.
  • Skills required for operations of folk media does not require formal training.
  • Since there is participation of all in hence the criteria of quality and quantity participation becomes immaterial.
  • The people in the group are responsible for spreading of information.
  • The finance is not the criteria in operations of folk media and there is no system of copyrights in the operations.
  • Folk media is mostly anonymous.
  • The work of the folk media is restricted to specific occasions and audience.

Folk media leaves great impact on the society and instrumental in bringing about social change. Despite the fact that the modem media has reached almost every nook and corner of the society, the folk media has retained its space and operates as a powerful medium to influence the thoughts and attitudes of the masses and also bring about change in the society.

Traditional media proves very useful in curbing superstition and spread of scientific and progressive ideas among people. Since, folk media is popular among masses it has too power to persuade people.

Unlike modern media, folk media operates on interpersonal level and belong to the masses. Mass media on the other hand is owned by few people or corporate houses.

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