Genetic Diversity in the context of future Survival for Human.

Genetic Diversity of future Survival for Human:

Human being developed on earth around four million years back. Steadily, going through the arrangement of advancement resembles improvement of limb, upright posture, development of brain, and so forth, He created as homo-sapiens which had a slow rate of propagation initially but later assumed a rapid growth.

The astounding adaptation in the primitive man was his improvement of nervous system and parts of mind that kept him managing among-st the most intense brutes around.

At first, primitive man utilized hands for his motion yet later on the advancement of limbs occurred which helped his inward organs to experience different changes.

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What is Genetic Diversity in the context of future Survival for Human?

These changes led to the upright posture and bipedal locomotion of the present human being. A phase came in the evolution when the plants were receding and there was decrease in the plant food. The arboreal’s started coming down in order to survive.

The primates which were living on trees started expanding their population on grass land. The tree dwelling species had developed limbs to handle the tools.

The perception of depth was evolved by stereoscopic vision because both the eyes were facing forward. A better view from the eyes was achieved by the evolution of snout. The jaws got short with change in dentations.

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The homo-erect-us appeared as the first species in fossil records to live a human type existence.

Homo-sapiens appeared approximately one Ian to forty thousand years ago. They were advantageous over other primates because of presence of a developed brain and tools. Externally, the changes in them were at a lower pace.

They developed further by infra-specific cooperation and gradual reproduction. The initial human being started as a hunter, but slowly exploited agriculture around ten thousand years ago.

Agriculture thus slowly became the major means of subsistence. This ultimately promoted the technological progress, which provided the platform for survival and growth of human population.

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