What is Land Utilization? Classify land by types of use.

Land Utilization:

All land is not available for agricultural use. There are various alternative uses to which land can be put to and many of the uses of land are of agricultural nature. The gross cropped area or the land actually under cultivation is actually limited. we will classify land based on the type of use.

Classification of Land by Type of Use:

On the basis of utilization the total Indian land can be grouped in the following categories namely:

  • Forests.
  • Area not available for cultivation: It includes non-agricultural and unproductive agricultural land.
  • Uncultivated land except fallows: It includes pasture land, grazing land, tree covers and waste land.
  • Fallow land: It implies cultivable but unused land.
  • Cultivate land: It represents net cultivated area.
  • Area under cultivable waste.

Area under miscellaneous trees and crops (outside of net sown area). Industrial use is non-agricultural. It is necessary to maintain forest land and permanent pasture and grazing ground for environmental reasons. Therefore, only limited land can be available for agriculture and therefore production has to be increased by improving technology. With the help of innovation, food production can be increased and security of the nation and the farmers can be achieved.

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