What is Multiadic Communication?

Intra-group communication is that kind of communication in which more than two persons are involved at the same It means, a person communicates with two or more persons at the same time. He may use video conferencing facilities, meetings, the dais of a seminar room, a conference hall or even a small garden to communicate with the targeted audience. He can send messages on the cellular phones of the audience. He can send SMS and MMS messages to them en masse. He would certainly send letters and a host of technical and non-technical documents to those targets that are located at distant locations. Now-a-days, E-mail and video mail are very commonly used modes of communication through the Net.

All these activities fall under the gamut of multimedia communication. It is a personal form of communication in the sense that some interaction between the participants is involved. Group members ask questions during meetings, conferences, and seminars. Some may even keep quite, thus proving that they are not interested in the lecture or presentation of the Speaker. Some others may yawn and leave the conference hall this is also a form of communication and has the indirect insinuation of curt responses to the hackneyed ideas of the speaker. The targeted persons may also exchange oral messages, body gestures, documents, and products amongst themselves.

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