What is News Values in Journalism?


The value of news depends on the community (readers and audience). It also depends on the country where it is being reported or published. In a country where there is no freedom of the press, and a dictator or an authoritarian ruler is ruling the country, a news against the government will never be published.

But in countries like India and the US, newspapers can report anything under the sun if they have the authentic source to support whether it goes against the Prime Minister or the President. However, while reporting news the reporters and newspapers should be careful in their use of words and that should not be derogatory which is unethical as well. Also a news item, which may be news worthy for a community, will be not be carried by a newspaper if it is of no interest to its readers.

For example, the local government body election in South Africa will never be carried by a daily regional newspaper in West Bengal. South Africa’s election news does not have any value for the newspaper readers in West Bengal. .

Fundamental Qualities of the News:

Some Basic qualities of news a Accuracy, Balance, Objectivity, Clarity and Impact.


News should be accurate. If a news item fails in accuracy, it loses credibility. Reporter and people involved in writing and editing news should always cross check facts and information. The spellings of names should always be checked. Rumors or gossips should not be given in news.


News report should always be balanced. If it is about a controversy, both sides of the story should be presented. For example, when reporting a strike give the claim of the authorities and that of the workers on how far it is successful. Reporters can also visit the spot to know the exact position. An imbalanced news item will be biased, if it has. too much of government views or any rival party’s comments.


Reporter should be objective in their writing. Facts and people’s opinions should be presented without mutilations. News should not take sides.


News should be written in simple and clear sentences. Intro should be short and in active voice to the maximum extent possible. The ideal length of each. paragraph in the news should have one-two-three small sentences. Very complex sentences should be avoided in news presentation. Statistics and technical items should be presented in simple language.


News items should have some impact. News about a dilapidated and overused bridge in time to move the authorities to take up repairs may help avert a tragedy. Reporter should develop a “nose for news-, particularly news that will make a positive impact.

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