What is passport and visa requirements? Briefly explain the types of Visa. How can a Visa be extended?

Passport and Visa Requirements.

It is extremely important for all the visitors (except from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh) from abroad to possess a valid passport issued by their respective countries before they enter Indian territory through land, sea or air route. Currently visa is an essential requirement for people of all nationalities for entering India.

There are several kinds of visas available to foreign nationals as listed below:

  • Entry Visa,
  • Tourist Visa,
  • Business Visa,
  • Long-term Visa (maximum duration of five years multiple entry facility),
  • Collective Landing Permit (group tourists from abroad).

Indian consular offices in different countries issue Indian Visas. The fee for this visa is US $5 per person. But nationals of Britain pay a visa fee of £23 (1994 rates).

The maximum duration for which tourist visas are issued is 180 days. But if a visa is issued for a lesser duration and an application for the extension of the same is made within 180 days, no extra fee is charged. The only requirement is submission of a set of identical passport photographs. There is also the provision for the extension of visa beyond 180 days, but this is exceptionally operated. In such cases then the fee charged varies within a fixed scale.

Visas can be renewed in all state capitals and district headquarters on an application made to the district police chief (Commissioner of Police/Senior Superintendent of Police/Superintendent of Police). Visa renewals and extension cases in the cities of New Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta are handled by Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRROs).

In Madras such cases are dealt with by the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO). In Appendix-B we have given you addresses of major Indian consular offices overseas and FRRO and CIO in India.

The outbound travellers will seek visas from the embassies/consulates of respective countries they intend to visit. Most of these offices are located in New Delhi.

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