What is Public Relations Media?

Keeping in view the message and the receiver, a public relations practitioner, has to use a medium to reach the audience. Compared to the advertising media, Public Relations media are varied and diversified.

The target audience in advertising is limited, while the PR message has to cover more people with various backgrounds.

Public Relations Media can be grouped under visual media and audio and visual media.

Visual Media covers the Press, Photographs, Publications, Bulletin Boards, and Special Events.

The Press includes Newspapers and Magazines. Photographs can be Pictures, drawings, cartoons, and diagrams.

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Publications include pamphlets, books, folders, house journals, manuals, information bulletins, annual reports, direct mail, and newsletters.

Bulletin Boards include hoardings displays, 3-dimensional models, exhibitions, posters, bus panels, and neon signs. Special Events include Open House.

Audio-Media includes Radio, Direct Communication, Audio-Visual Media, and Traditional Media.

Radio includes Audio-tapes/cassettes; Direct Communication includes Spoken word, seminars, symposia, conferences, talks, public meetings, annual meetings; Audio-Visual Media includes Television, newsreels, video cassettes, films, documentaries, film strips, cinema slides; Traditional Media covers Folk songs, folk dance, folk music, Burra-Katha, harikatha, jammukula Katha and puppet shows.

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