What is Relationship Between Psychology and Engineering?

Psychology and Engineering:

An applied branch of psychology is human factors engineering, which has contributed a lot to engineering. Industrial psychologists have developed machines that help the workers to do their work by reducing the number of unimportant work, reducing strain and removing any kind of confusion and oversight. Adjusting a job in this way to suit the employees’ needs is called human engineering.

It has played a big role in making ultra comfortable automobiles, aircraft, etc., which are so built that they minimize stress and strain and to maximize the output of the worker.

It is important for companies to study the demand of its consumers by doing research on their likes and dislikes, preferences and habits. There was a watch company who conducted research among their friends and peers within the company before producing a new exquisite range of watches. But they did not formally check with consumers and went ahead with production.

They made a mistake in doing so they went ahead in production even though there was unsold stock in the godowns. They failed to take note of consumer psychology in this case. They were just obsessed with producing some exquisite stuff had did not consider consumer liking. The consumers did not like the watches as they found reading the time difficult. Consumer psychology is a branch of psychology that asseses consumer preference by conducting surveys and is used very extensively in marketing and advertising.

Advertising has become a necessity how-a-days for companies to sell their products. Psychologists today do the work of designing advertisements also to attract consumer attention and convey a message across to coerce them to buy products.

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