What is Relationship Between Psychology and Environmental Sciences?

Relationship Between Psychology and Environmental Sciences:

Environmental Psychology is a relatively new field in the category of human factors engineering. It is an interdisciplinary discipline and has a broad scope.


Interrelation between physical environment and human behavior and experience. Sociologists, Psychologists, Anthropologists, Psychologists; studying and researching; in geography, too as well as doctors, Architects and planners are all highly interested in this subject. Research concerning human behavior in physical settings needs many researchers from social sciences and also architects and planners who create the designs in these human settings.

Holahan has opined that environmental psychology is one topic under psychology and is not a discipline. Questions under research in environmental psychology contain the following psychological points: Spatial Behavior Patterns, Mental Images, Environmental Stress, Attitude Change. Researchers may be from any field including psychology. The target of the research is to solve problems as well as develop new theory.

Topics of Research are:

Environmental perception, environmental cognition, environmental attitude, coping with environmental stress, coping with crowding, privacy and territoriality, personal space, affiliation and support in the urban environment. The application lies in areas like reducing urban noise, designing for the elderly, design strategies in dense environments, territoriality in institutional environments, humanizing the design of high-rise housing, citizen participation in urban planning, etc.

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