What is role of National institute of social defence of India?

The National Institute of Social Defence of India functioned as a subordinate office under the administrative control of the Ministry of Social Welfare. It is presently serving as the central advisory body in the field of prevention of crime and the treatment of offenders. The main areas covered by the Institute aJuvenile Justice Administration, Welfare of Prisoners, Probation and Allied Measures, Suppression of Immoral Traffic, Beggary Control and Drug Abuse Prevention.

The central function of the Institute transmit to procedural guidance to the Central and State Governments construction of laws, rules and regulations, training of governmental and non-governmental officials, assemblage of statistics and advancement of research, propagation of scientific knowledge, interchange of technical know-how, connection with academic research and training institutions, cognizance towards social defence matters and publication of scientific material on social defence.

Further, the Institute assists the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the exchange of technical information with the, United Nations and other International and foreign agencies in the field of social defence and drug abuse prevention.

The Institute has plays an innovative role in proliferating and commercializing the idea of social defence. In the initial years, the Institute had undertaken several programmes and activities which elevated the hope of development of a strong social defence movement: Social defence movement began in the early 80s and lost its momentum recently. Those engaged in the social defence sector are now disillusioned with the existing realities in the critical sectors of social defence.

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