What is the concept and Meaning of Underdevelopment?


The awareness to the fact that long-established policies of development have not been up to the mark in tackling the troubles of poverty, hunger, health, etc. led to a search for substitute formulations. As a result, clarifications of underdevelopment turn out to be the epicenter of this thinking. The sources of underdevelopment postulates are outcome of two different sources i.e.

  1. The hypothetical ponder within Marxism and
  2. The experiences of development in Latin America.

In his book “Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America”, Andre Gunder Frank clarifies that development and underdevelopment are mutually necessary outcome and existing manifestation of domestic disagreements in the world entrepreneur system.

Andre Gunder Frank judged that underdevelopment as not just a lack of development but that before there was any development there was no underdevelopment. Economic development and underdevelopment have relational and qualitative properties. Each of them is in fact dissimilar from another, still caused by its associations with the others.

Development and underdevelopment both are related by a general historical course both have shared space during the precedent numerous centuries and the common or joint manipulated that they have had, still have and will carry on to have on each other through history. In this procedure colonization has got a vital place.

Thus this view of development and under-development stands on the notion of exploitation. It is more or less connected with the inconsistency of one class and another, the utilization of recipients and the using contributors to the process of capitalist growth.

One more reputed economist Gunnar Mydral describes development as “The process of moving away from underdevelopment” and describes underdeveloped country as the country where there is “A constellation of many unwanted circumstances for work and life, outputs, incomes and levels of living are low, many forms of manufacture, attitudes and behavioural patterns are detrimental and there are adverse institutions, arraying from those at the state level to those governing social and economic affairs in the family and the neighborhood”.

They are considered as objectionable from the position of the cachet of development, a description associated with imprecision, but precise enough to allow its use.

Major Characteristics of Underdevelopment.

Underdeveloped countries commonly refer to those countries or regions where stages of genuine income and per capita income are lesser than the principles of North America, Australia and the Western European countries. In the underdeveloped countries the bests of scientific and technological development are not practiced on huge range on the grounds of industries and agriculture. The underdeveloped parts of planet compose a collection of nations with assortment at two levels:

  1. National, and
  2. International.

But as the time gasses through there is an apparent swing in constraint of appraisal of development and underdevelopment. Now these are assessed with human development index as conversed earlier. Many cities in these underdeveloped countries have maintained some standard of living, mechanical achievement and marketable sophistication as compared with that of the developed countries. Sometimes, we see that many underdeveloped countries are more advanced than the developed countries from technological point of view.

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