Difference Between Education and Literacy.

The basic difference between education and literacy, is that education is all round development of the child, whereas literacy defines the rate of literacy of the people.

The difference between education and literacy is widely discussed topic in the recent times. It is true that the word literacy means reading and writing but an in-depth analysis of the term indicates that reading and writing are just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s important to note that simply being able to read the words on page does not mean that someone is literate, whereas in the world of education today literacy is becoming more and more important.

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Teachers and parents are becoming more aware of the need for literacy program memes in the school. As well schools in general are beginning to realize the need for literacy development in schools and, therefore, working towards creating such program memes to promote literacy in and outside of the schools.

Literacy research has been conducted over the last several years in regards to how teachers should teach about literacy to their students.

Research has shown that students who study on regular basis are more inclined to become good readers, as they get older.

Reading to students should be used as a motivational technique to get them to read as well. When reading to the students to promote literacy you should allow the students to select some of the material that will be read in the classroom.

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When the students feel that they have their views to what they are reading and what they are learning they are more willing to participate in the literacy programme itself.

Every literacy programme that is being used in a school or classroom should account for individual needs in some way. Difference between education and literacy should be cleared to the students.

It is very important for teachers to realize that all students do not learn in the same fashion and therefore teachers need to change their teaching style so that all students are getting all that they can from the lesson.

Educational research and studies have shown that students can fall into seven different categories of learning.

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Therefore teachers must be able to teach in different ways in order to insure that all students are learning to the best of their ability.

An analysis of the different aspects of education and literacy presents a for a of diversity in the classroom that in fact makes the lesson more exciting and students seem to enjoy these varied lessons rather than the same teaching style day after day.

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