Social control is essential for every society for its existence and smooth functioning in the following manner:

Mechanism of social control brings in social equilibrium that enables the society to function smoothly. Society has various groups, institutions and organizations with diverse nature and attitudes. Human societies consist of individuals with diverse nature, attitude and interests.

This could lead to clashes in the society. Social control exercise control over the behavior of individual through various rules and regulations. Social control brings in the spirit of cooperation among various sections of society which is necessary for the development and existence of society as well as its members.

Social control compels its members to follow and respect their culture and traditions which are the highlights of any society. It also helps in transferring these traditions to be transferred to the coming generations. Social control establishes equality in the society.

Due to unequal distribution of resources in society. the society is divided into haves and haves not. The mechanism of social control discourages the stronger section of society to oppress the weaker section of society and provide them with equal opportunities. tubers of society come from varied sooio­economic background  So Control brings in a sense of unity and belonging among them and creates a cordial atmosphere for them to interact with each.

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