What is the role of State in Education?

The State and Education.

The business of the state was confined to law and order and physical security. The state was expected to protect each man’s freedom to act as he chooses, provided he does not infringe upon the freedom of others. But welfare state has some additional functions to perform like looking after education, laying of roads, facilitating development of agriculture, industry in addition to law and order or protective functions of the State.

The role of the state was really essential in the education. The determining cause of a social fact must be sought among the antecedent social facts and not among the states of the individual consciousness. The population density and growth as key factors in the evolution of the societies and advent of modernity. As the number of people in a given area increase, so does the number of interactions and the society becomes more complex.

Growing competition between the more numerous people also leads to further division of labor in time, the importance of the state, the law and the individual increases, while that of the religion and moral solidarity decreases.

Government has an important role in helping the department of children and schools deliver its education strategy. It focuses on giving children an excellent start in education and enabling young people to involve themselves in life and work skills. Government encourages adults to get their full potential through learning. All government and agencies play a critical role in early childhood education and education programs are funded by both province and federal government.

Government role in education has only become controversial in the past few years. In contrast, government role in the funding and delivery of the education has been widely established in all the countries. Government is also playing its part by encouraging parents to get involved in their child’s education.

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