What is Travel Writing? Explain the various categories of writing for tourism.

A travel writer explores new destinations and shares observations with others using the written word and photos. One of the most important requirements for this type of work is a desire to travel and experience new environments and cultures. Physical stamina, an observant mind and a talent for descriptive language are just a few of the qualities necessary for becoming a travel writer.

Travel writers come to the profession from a variety of education paths. Earning a degree in English or journalism is one path. Improving your writing skills by studying with veteran writers in independent workshops is another approach. A third option is to work on your writing skills on your own through a trial and error process.

Your business writing is the blueprint for your tourism business, and should include the following sections: Following are the various categories of the writing in the tourism:

Executive summary: Describe your business’s purpose, name, location, personnel needs, tourism business management staff, market sector, competition, marketing plan and financial projections.

Tourism business summary: This should detail how the business’s ownership will be distributed and the start up requirements (funding, assets and location).

Products and/or services: You need to outline the products and/or services your business will be providing for tourists.

Analysis of the market: Provide information about your target market and your competition.

Tourism business strategy: Describe how, you plan on running your business, marketing your business and pricing your product or service.

Financial summary: State your projections for your business’s expenses and income.

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