What is Urban Politics?


In the British period peoples representative entered the municipal. institutions. The movement for independence in the form of Swadeshi Movement, formation of trade unions found wide support in the urban areas.

In independent India urban politics found its expression in the municipal bodies, its functioning as well as in the state and national elections. Researches evidence the fact that there is a resistance of the traditional social structure to the democratic politics. Factors such as wealth, communal, caste may play a dominant role in politics.

However, sociologists such as Peter Mayer and Robert G. Wirsing found that several voluntary organizations promoting democratic means have come up e.g. Sampnrna Kranti Manch, Sampradayikta Virodhi Samiti. Since caste consciousness and affiliations through caste associations exist in urban India along with the new job opportunities, there emerges competition between various groups which manifests itself in conflict as well as cooperation.

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