Video game streaming is a process where the gamers record and play themselves while playing games live on the internet.

Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and many others are popular names amongst those who keep updated to the gaming world. Among all the age groups, children in their teens especially love video games.

If you allow your kids to play video games without setting any time limit, they will most probably stick their eyes on their computer screen the whole day. This is how crazy children are when it comes to playing video games.

Along with playing, there is this thing called “Video game streaming” that is wildly popular these days.

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If you enter the gaming zone, you’ll know that thousands of players worldwide are live streaming to their viewers. Steam is one of the best streaming sites for streaming. So, Is Steam Safe for kids to live stream?

Around 100,000 people log onto Twitch and Youtube to watch online video game streaming. This number is evidence to support the popularity of video game streaming.

The streamers share their gameplay live online. The viewers can interact with the streamers and other views via chatting.

If the streamer is skilled in communicating and participating with the audiences, a single online streaming game can attract up to hundreds and thousands of viewers daily.

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Viewers and streamers tend to showcase and polish their gaming skills via live streaming. While this is fun among the gamers, there are some risks associated.

What makes live streaming risky?

If your child is spending a lot more time streaming games or watching live streams, you should be concerned. Here is why?

Inappropriate Content: Sexual or Violent Contents:

While your kids are watching what other people are streaming, they might sometimes get exposed to inappropriate content.

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Though the live video streaming platforms like Twitch have an age limit set, kids still log in with a fake age. Kids may be vulnerable to unsuitable content like sexual or violent content.

Let’s say, many gaming sites show pictures of naked women. This is solely inappropriate for your kids.

Offensive Comments:

If you see a live game streaming, you will find a lot of offensive comments on the chat section or in the commentary itself.

Your kids, when hearing and seeing such unethical comments on a daily basis are more likely to learn offensive commenting.

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Kids, as a streamer or viewer, using crude languages is common in live streaming chat and commentary.

If your kid is doing something immoral on the web without your consent, it might leave a digital footprint. This might affect their reputation today or as they grow up. This can have a huge impact.


After spending so much time online, your kid may simply answer if someone asks, “What’s your address Buddy?”

It could be someone who wants your details somehow. Also, if your son is a streamer, there can be some viewers who tend to stalk and harass him.

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As a parent, you should always know who your kid’s online friends are. How they communicate.

Also, tell them they should not disclose their personal information without letting their parents know.

Inappropriate Contact Building:

While entering the gaming world, you are an amateur. You see others stream live, you reply to live chats. This might expose you to some inappropriate contacts.

We have been hearing people meeting in live game streaming, getting to know each other, and getting married.

This means that one can make some meaningful contacts, and also some bad contacts.

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There are often cases when kids are threatened and bullied online. One should take the risk of making unbecoming contacts more seriously.

How do parents feel about video games?

If you ask 10 parents, it is more likely that 8 or 9 would complain about their kids, especially in their teens, becoming single-tasking, lazy, binge playing or watching the streams, and more aggressive in nature.

Video games are so captivating. If you allow your child to play video games without any rules or restrictions, they will play all day long. They won’t even feel hungry or feel that they should move around the house and do other things.

Long exposure to mobile phones or screens might have a bad impact on the eyesight of children. This also concerns the parents.

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Also, while you think that your kid is playing, s/he might be into watching inappropriate content on the internet. So, basically, parents don’t feel safe leaving their kids playing alone for a long span of time.

There are parents complaining about their kids becoming more aggressive if they cannot play as much as they want. I’ve heard parents complaining, “It is fine till you allow them to play, once you ask them to shut their games, they bring up shouting matches.”

So, most parents out there feel that video games are not safe for their kids.

As a parent, what should I do if my child wants to create live stream videos?

So many things that you must keep in mind, where do I begin…

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Table talk, to begin with, is always a good idea. Online video game streaming adds real-time excitement. But there should be limitations to everything that you do, even when it is fun.

How old is your kid? Set an age limit because age matters. For me, I’d set my child’s age limit to 15 and above. The age limit is totally up to you to set.

Before entering the gaming world, you should let your kid know the consequences of gaming. Make them learn an ethical way to start streaming, communicating with the viewers, using time wisely, and many others.

“Dedication is a success”. You won’t be successful in a matter of seconds, it takes time and effort. Encourage your kid to put their dedication and skills into it if they want to be successful.

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But, they should always limit things that could be harmful like binge game playing, using offensive languages during commentary, and live chat.

Teach your children the importance of social interaction. Gaming is a fantasy; the real world is different.

As their parents, you should make your kids aware of the difference. Your child, besides becoming a good streamer, must always learn to maintain their social habits.

They should maintain a healthy interaction with their friends, family, teachers, neighbors, and everyone.

“The violence shown in the games is not real.” You should let your kids realize this. The violence in the games should not influence your kid’s life.

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There are cases when children tend to jump off some places like the games and break their legs. Make your kids be aware of this before they begin their gaming experience.

Your kids must know that they are vulnerable to online crimes like bullying once they begin streaming. Kids should be mentally prepared about this.

They should not allow offensive messages and comments to hurt their feelings and pull their mental health down.

Do I need to set some limits when my child wants to do live streaming?

They say, “Children are like wet clay”. Parents have a leading role in shaping their kid’s futures. Exposing your kids to an online platform, the aftermath can be unforeseeable.

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So, it is mandatory that you hang a list of Do’s and Don’ts on your wall. Here are some points that you can include:

Notify us before you get started. Know when your kids are going online video game streaming. At least knowing that they are streaming online, you can keep an ear out. Warn your kids if they are doing something wrong.

Where are you streaming from? Take a look around yourself. Are there our family portraits behind? Don’t show them on screen. You should never give any sort of personal information. Keep that in mind.

Share positive messages. When a lot of people are watching you, you have an advantage. Spread good messages. It can change someone’s life.

Are you dressed well? The video might stay for a while. People might make fun of the way you dress up, how unhygienic you look, or how messier your hair is.

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Is video game streaming a viable career?

Video Game Streaming: is it a job? Well, yes, or maybe not. Some people, quite a few, make money by streaming video games. It depends on how popular you become.

So, seeing video game streaming as a viable career is not something I would personally suggest.

However, one can do streaming while doing all the other things in life. So, do your job, study, and play games as refreshments.

How much does it cost to watch live streams?

Watching live streams is free. The streamers make money via advertisements and other methods. This is why they display a lot of ads while you are viewing the streamed games.

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How does live streaming work?

Register via Facebook or Instagram and make your video streaming profile. Once you want to go live stream, there is a “go live” button. It’s a single tap, and you are live streaming.

The camera on your device is automatically turned on once you go live. Aim the camera at what you want to show, turn on the chat section and the microphone on your device. Now the viewers can see what you show and speak.

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