What was the Gandhian ideology?

Gandhian Concept of Freedom or ideology for freedom are:

Satyagraha: The technique of Satyagraha i.e. true force originated in South Africa by Gandhi but after 1919 it became dominant technique in India’s freedom struggle. He believed that its not just a political tactics but it was philosophy and ideology of his life. He believed in winning over the enemy by torturing oneself because truth should never attack another’s integrity.


Non-violence was the very basis of Satyagraha. Fasting, non-violence picketing, types of non-cooperation, civil disobedience etc. were his various tools of Satyagraha. He believed that Satyagraha were pure means of achieve pure ends. But he preferred to use violence inspite cowardly surrender to in justice. On the whole, this policy of Gandhi brought different section and classes of society together against the British rule.


According to Gandhi religion is a struggle for truth, it is the very basis of life. He believed in the basic truth which underlying all formal religion. For bringing unity in Indian society he even did not used the religions demand that’s why only whole country come together under his leadership.

Hind Swaraj:

In his book Hind Swaraj Gandhi criticized the modern western civilization which was tempting India into its grip. He considered it was real enemy of the India. He condemned Railways as they spread plague and famine by encouraging the export of food grains. He wrote Hind Swaraj or self-rule could only prevail where people followed Indian trends and tradition and should not influenced by the western civilization.

Swadeshi: Gandhi educated Swadeshi goods i.e. the product which produces in our own country. He stressed on the replacement machine made goods with Indian hand made goods. And this technique was very much helpful in weakening the British goods in India and its is the only cure of India’s poverty and important technique of fight with British non-violently.

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