What Wonders Can You Achieve With ChatGPT?

Over the past century, mankind has seen computer technology perform wonders and make the lives of humans all over the world easier, more enjoyable, and more productive. Just consider what has been happening to people since the first computer was made. Initial computers were so big that entire rooms had to be reserved for them. Then, slowly, as demand for computer usage increased and technology became more accessible, desktops came into the picture and computers could be seen in offices. Eventually, desktops also made their way into houses. After desktops, came laptops. Instead of people having to go to places to get computer access, computers started to go with people. Then, when smartphones came into the picture, entire computers –that once took entire rooms- started to fit into people’s pockets.

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The invention of the internet brought with it its own set of revolutionary changes in the world of computer technology. The World Wide Web was the first to take the world by storm. Then, came the time for search engines like Google. Instead of having to guess and visit websites that would have relevant information, people could just google what they were trying to find and would get a list of the webpages answering their query. No wonder, Google turned out to be extremely popular amongst the public. However, now, yet another technology is starting to take the world by storm. If you do not live under a rock, there is no chance that you have not heard about this technology. The star phenomenon we will be talking about in this article is ChatGPT.

Before we delve deep into it, let us just clarify that it is important for you to have a good connection to the internet to take full advantage of this amazing tool. In case a strong connection is non-existent at your place, we would recommend going for one of the Xfinity internet plans. The brand is known not to let you down.

ChatGPT – What Is It

ChatGPT – What Is It

ChatGPT can be described briefly as a chatbot. But to say that ChatGPT is like any other chatbot would be a huge misstatement. The reason we say this is that ChatGPT does so much more than what a normal chatbot does for a company’s subscribers in its usual customer service operations. Basically, you can give ChatGPT any type of query and it will answer it in the best manner. Unlike Google which gives you a list of all the web pages related to your query, ChatGPT actually gives you a definite answer to your query. You may be asking what you can ask of ChatGPT as a query. Well, you will be glad to know that the answer to your question is “a lot!” Let us explore the different queries you can demand from the software.

Briefs of Different Stories

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A more sophisticated application of ChatGPT in the world of calculations must be the ability of the tool to write Marcos as well as formulas in Microsoft Excel – one of the most used software in the professional world. If you have an idea about Microsoft Excel, you will be able to gauge just how amazing that is. After all, writing Macros is not an easy job even for a person who has been trained in Excel for years!


We are not at all saying that ChatGPT is only good for the three kinds of tasks above. In fact, the most impressive thing about ChatGPT is that it impresses in so many ways! To learn more about it, just keep scrolling through the web. Best of luck with your quest to gain knowledge about the tool and make use of it.

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