Which Logo Type is Right for Your Business?

In this competitive world, it’s highly essential to have a brand identity that differentiates you from others. It let you stand out from the other and get attention from the audience.

A well-designed logo helps you capture people’s attention in many ways, like on social media, websites, marketing purposes, and much more. It must be created with the audience in mind, then only it can drive the user traffic towards your brand.

You can see any most successful and popular brand. They have very nicely portrayed the custom logo design. It must be guiding the product and service you offer very effectively.

There are many different styles of the logo available, which every designer must know, and that needs to be decided by them at an early phase. It can be combinations of images and letters or just one.

Based on the requirement, you need to choose for your logo design. The perfect implementation by the designer helps you to get plenty of customers. So, let’s discuss some of the logotypes.

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Combination Marks

As the name suggests, the combination mark includes the image or symbol along with the letters. Designers need to make a perfect mixture of both things.

Here, designers need to make sure that the image or symbol and font they are going to use must be relevant to get the best look. The image must be suitable for the work the company does so that viewers can understand it just by looking at only.

The best examples of combination logos are Burger King and Baskin Robbins. They have perfectly used this combination mark in the logo design.

Which Logo Type is Right for Your Business?

Lettermark Logo

A Lettermark logo is also called a monogram logo. It just contains the letter as part of the design. When the name of the company is larger, then this would be the best option to go for. Just the initials of the name would be included in the professional logo design.

As the letters are going to be used, then the role of fonts increases. Therefore, designers need to choose the most appropriate font for the logo. It must be unique and legible enough to attract the viewers. Even when you want to design a simple logo, then also this is the best choice as only letters of the brand name will be used.

Some of the popular examples of lettermark logos are IBM, CNN, HBO, and many others. Hence, you can choose this logo for your business if you want to include only the initials of the name.

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This is also similar to the letter marks, but the difference is that it includes the brand’s full name as a custom logo design.

When your brand has some unique and catchy name, this would be the best choice. The focus in this type of professional logo design is the name of the brand; therefore, it must be written in a creative manner that allures the people.

The font selection makes a huge impact. The proper selection of fonts is needed while using this logo style. Popular examples of wordmark logo design are Facebook, Sony, CocaCola, and many others as well. Thus, do choose this logo style for your business.

Abstract Logo Marks

Abstract logo marks are types that do not use any recognizable image. Rather it includes an abstract geometric form that represents your business uniquely.

While using this logo style, designers have a chance to play with the design and make it according to that. There is no such restriction in it. This way, designers can illustrate some messages to their viewers very effectively. Even this type of logo is very popular these days.

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Mascot Logo

Another very popular logo style that you can use for your business as a unique identity. It includes the image of a character or person and uses it as a spokesperson of the brand. Designers must know about this logo style and how to use them properly.

Which Logo Type is Right for Your Business?

Mascot design makes your logo interesting to look at and let you evoke the message you want. The image would be custom made so that designers can use their creativity in it. The custom logo design of KFC is a perfect example of a mascot style.

Wrapping up

Well, there are a lot of logo styles available to choose from. A lot of brainstorming needs to be done by the designer to choose based on demand. The above-discussed list of different logo styles let you understand which one fits what conditions.

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Author Bio: Nidhi Dave works as a content and brand strategist at ProDesigns – a graphic design company, recommending strategies to meet customers’ goals and deliver a superior user experience. She provides content leadership, ensuring that a consistent brand message is delivered to the audience.

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