Write a note on Ecological Environment of International Business.

Ecology is the study of plants, animals, peoples and institutions in relation to the environment. It thus refers to the interrelationship between people, the fauna (birds and animals), the flora (plants and forests) and their physical surroundings.

Geographical and ecological factors such as natural resource endowments, weather and climatic conditions, topological factors, locational aspects in the global context, port facilities are all relevant to business. Ecological factors have recently assumed great importance.

The depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution, and the disturbance of the ecological balance have caused great concern.

Government policies aimed at the preservation of environmental purity and ecological balance, conservation of non-replenishable resources etc. have resulted in additional responsibilities and constraints for international business. Issues related to protection of the environment and ecology have received worldwide attention not only in developed countries, but also in the developing countries. Increasing concern has been expressed about environmental degradation which can risk human life and existence.

No civilized government could afford to neglect the problems posed by environmental degradation. In the most of the countries legislation’s have been passed for conservation of natural resources and prevention and control of environmental pollution.

International business firms have also been brought under such legislation’s and regulations. For example, the Government of India has drawn up an Environmental

Action Program (EAP) focusing on the following areas:

  • Conservation bf biodiversity including forests, marine life and mountain ecosystem.
  • conservation of soil and moisture and ensuring that water sources do not get polluted.
  • Control of industrial pollution and wastes.
  • Access to clean technologies.
  • Tackling urban environmental issues.
  • Alternative energy plan.

Green technologies, green products and green companies are highly valued in today’s global market place.

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