Write a note on Scientific and Technical Achievements of Bronze Age.

Scientific and Technical Achievements of Bronze Age: The discovery and the use of metals like copper, bronze, etc. led to the scientific and technical achievements calculating and counting the numbers form the basis of quantitative science in the Bronze Age.

The Use of Metals: Metals like gold and copper were used as ornaments. Some metals like copper was used to make pottery, also alloy of copper was hardened to make tools and weapons.

Transport: With the development of transport, the problem of distance was also solved. Trade became an important activity as the goods produced were traded in different parts of the world. Trade as well as the desire to control large territories led to the need for efficient transport.

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Quantitative Science: Trade and the exchange of goods became a part of life, some standards such as numbers and measure of amount of grains, etc. and weights became necessary for the proper and fair exchange of goods. Simple calculations like addition or subtraction also developed with the increase in trading activities. Counting and calculating led to the making of calendars and also in the development of astronomy.

Thus, we can say that with the increase in the socio-economic needs and the trade between cities led to the rise in quantitative science such as measurement, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and medicine, etc.

Indus Valley Civilization: The excavation in-certain cities in India shows a remarkable growth in the Indus Valley. Technologists during this era were masters in construction. The inhabitants of Indus Valley possessed a considerable knowledge of geometry. Also they had a high level of scientific and technical know-how.

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Decline of the Bronze Age Civilization: With the increase in the population and the. demands of the people, pressure was created on the city culture. The classes started conflicting between themselves and the expansion of the territory to feed the population led to the decline of the Bronze Age. The science and the techniques led to the foundation of the new age called as the Iron Age.

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