Write a short note on the Cultural Heritage of Maharashtra.

Cultural Heritage of Maharashtra.

In fields of religion art, literature, theater and music there is a continuity of rich tradition through centuries. At present the state continues to follow the same tradition and contributes in a big way in these spheres. The new addition to this is a big way in these spheres. The new addition to this is the audio visual medium of modern music and cinema, it would not be possible for us to go into the details of all this.

There is a big diversity in the area of religions. Out of twelve famous Jyotirlingas five are in Maharashtra. The ashes of 10th Sikh Guru Guru Govind Singh are buried in Nanded in Maharashtra. It attracts large number of Sikhs who come for Pilgrimage. The Ganpati festival is the most popular festival among the people of all communities. A large number of shrines of sufi saints are spread throughout Maharashtra. These are visited by people of different and specially Muslims from all parts of India.

Modem Maharathi Literature and theater are contributing in a big way to Indian literature and theater. The Dalit Marthi Literature is most prominent. Similarly Marathi literature is most prominent. Similarly Marathi theater keeps presenting new stage forms. For last sixty years Mumbai is the biggest center for cinema. Annually a large number of films are made here. The film industry attracts a large number of people from all parts of India.

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