Write short note on uses of computer.

Transport has become easier with the help of computers. At airports computers are used to schedule incoming and outgoing air traffic for proper utilization of runways. Computers have taken over the job of providing guidance to pilots to keep the aeroplane flying into right direction and landing safely on airport, even in foggy or stormy atmosphere.

Railways as-well-as airlines are also using computers for reservation of seats to passengers. for preparing timetables, scheduling cargo, for passengers inquiries etc. In some countries very high speed trains are being developed in which computer will replace drivers.

In big cities, telephone exchanges are being computerized to provide more telephone lines and new facilities, which were not earlier available. Now in a computerized telephone bill you get complete information about the telephone calls made by you. Computers have also brought a revolution in the field of medical sciences. In hospitals, patients may be continuously monitored by a computer.

For this purpose all the monitoring instruments such as ECG, EMG, BP, etc. are connected to a computer. In CAT scanning, the graphic facilities of the computer are used to show animated pictures of various systems of human body.

In employment exchanges computers keep data about persons seeking job and jobs available and try to match them. Police department has also started using computers for recording data about suspected criminals. Police keeps the computerized files duly indexed for the details like criminal names with details of crimes done by them, finger prints, list of all vehicle owners in a city with their proper registration number, wanted and missing persons. These information help police in identifying suspected criminals at the scene of crimes. Delhi Police has also computerized some of their traffic control system.

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