Zuckerberg announced facebook will allow users to turn off political ads

Accepting criticism for allowing political advertisements that were misleading on its own services, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that its platform will allow users to turn away viewing advertisements as the US inches towards presidential elections in November.

Starting with some folks and rolling out to everyone in the US during the upcoming few weeks, individuals will be able to turn off all social problem, electoral or political ads against candidates,” Super PACs (political action committees) or other organizations which have the”Paid for by” political disclaimer on them.

“For those people who”ve already made up your thoughts and only need the election to be finished, we hear you — we”re also introducing the ability to turn off seeing political ads. We”ll still let you vote” Zuckerberg wrote in a comment piece on USA Today.

Later, the business said in a statement on Tuesday that consumers may conduct this activity on Facebook or Instagram straight from any other political or social issue ad or through each stage”s advertising settings.

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“However, we understand our strategy isn”t right. Therefore, if you”ve selected this preference and still see an ad that you believe is political, then please click on the top right corner of this ad and report it to us,” said Naomi Gleit, VP of Product Management and Social Impact at Facebook.

The company said it’s rolling out this option from the US to start with, and would ensure it is accessible in nations where it has enforcement on advertisements about politics, elections and social issues later this fall.

To recall, Twitter has banned all kinds of political ads.

Facebook has been facing criticism for its policies on ads both internally and externally that allows advertisements to run containing disinformation on its platforms.

The network said it’s building a new Voting Information Center which will give millions of people information while providing them heard at the ballot box.

“Our intention is to assist register 4 million voters this season with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, and help them get to the polls so they can maintain our leaders accountable. This objective is double the estimated 2 million people we helped register in the two 2018 and 2016,” informed Gleit.

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The business said it is working together with other experts and state election officials to guarantee the Voting Information Center reflects the information in every state.

The Voting Information Center will comprise posts from confirmed local election jurisdictions with statements and changes to the voting process, guidance on enrollment and that”s eligible to vote, info about the best way best to request an absentee ballot (vote by email ) and information and links to assist individuals organize their vote on Election Day.

Facebook expects more than 160 million people in the US to see this information about how to vote in the election from July.

The company stated that previously, if someone shared a political or difficulty ad to their own profile or submitted it on a Page, the”Paid for by” governmental disclaimer did not look on shares.

“Starting now, disclaimers will stay on any issue ad that is shared so people can see who is supporting it and who paid for this,” it said.

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Facebook said it is also incorporating its Ad Library and a new feature, enabling people to track ad spending for US House and Senate races, along with paying for those candidates in the Presidential race.

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